is a company rooted in old school craftsmanship and positive customer relations. Our experience is in unique quality work that lasts.
Born in Zakopane, Poland, Andrew Sikorski has become accustomed to hand crafted solid construction that resembles artistry more than basic building.
From simple and elegant to finely detailed he has gained knowledge in the production of unique steelwork, such as custom hinges, and beautiful woodwork that is traditional in the local customs.
It is important for us to develop trust and consistent communication in the client and contractor relationship.
We understand that renovations can be hectic and messy so we work hard at ensuring a minimal disruption of daily living.

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How much money will I save
by switching to LED?

This will depend on the bulbs. For example lets look at a 40w incandescent and the SBLD 128s Obstruction. Both are rated at about 500 lumens but the LED light is rated at 5w and will last for 50,000 hours. SBLD 128 Obstruction Power 5 watts Lifespan 50,000 hours Lifetime power consumption 50,000 x 5w = 250000 watt-hours or 250 kilowatt-hours Cost of the bulb $35.76 Cost to run 250 kwh x $0.10 = $25 Total Cost of Bulb $35.76 + $25 = $60.76 40w Incandescent Power 40 watts Lifespan 1000 hours Lifetime power consumption 1000 x 40w = 40000 watt-hours or 40 kilowatt-hours Cost to run 40 kwh x $0.10 = $4 Number of bulbs to equal life of LED 50,000 / 1000 = 50 Bulbs Cost of bulbs to equal life of LED 50 x $1 = $50 Power consumption to equal life of LED 50,000 hours x 40w = 2000000 watt-hours or 2000 kwh Cost to run for 50,000 hours 2000kwh x $0.10 = $200 Total Cost of bulb $50 + $200 = $250 Potential savings of LED bulb $250 - $60.76 = $189.24